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3. Gandrup Elina
Gandrup Elina






FF: Nestor












FM: Pamela




Gandrup Elina 31898-00221






MF: Parisien





M: Anika







MM: Utah




The combination off Uralou / Parisien, we see again in Gandrup Elina. Top genetic, top quality cattle. A young cow who we can expect a lot from in the future.
She has already proved her worth , with winning several honors at shows . She brings a really good Neuf son by her side, which gives us an indicator of her production for the future


Sire: Uralou is imported from the breeder Chateil. Uralou is out of Nestor and Pamela Rr who bouth has been top animals in the chateil heard. Pamela´s mother Eclipse was also a top cow. She becomes several times champion at shows in Limoges and Paris.
Uralou is the imported bull with the highest index in Denmark. His progeny has won many prices at shows and now we know that his daughters calves very easily and the have plenty of milk.

Dam: Anika is the result of embryo transfer from the heifer Utah, who is imported from Chastanet.  Utah has when she  was young  make great success on several shows.
Anika was latest champion older cows at the national show in Herning 2011. She is a very big and very heavy cow, among the best in Denmark. Parisien has done a great job in Denmark, which Anika is a god example off. Parisien gives the size and length, but Anika also got the wide pelvis and the depth in body, both things who comes from Utah.

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